Church of St. Michael


Legend has it that the church was built in the XII century. To thank God for support in the successful battle in 1190 in Tryavna Pass brothers Asenevtsi pstroili three churches dedicated to St. Michael. One of them was in Tryavna. So far, history has not confirmed this fact. But in the XVIII century church certainly it existed. It was burned in the great kurdjalii attacks Tryavna in 1798. In the annals pop Yovcho recorded "Opal found the church as an oven, but unfallen because it was Arch / stone /". For 39 days the liturgy was discontinued in it. Then Tryavna came to, repaired and renewed his church ministry.

St. Church. Assumption


Kolyo Radkov from Gadjev. Gorno found by Radkovtsi gave him gold to build a church. With sultan of 10.24.1843, the government authorized the construction. The management of the building took master Dimitar Sergiov. The consecration of the church took place on July 31, 1849 from Trnovo neophyte. Thread in the church bears the signature of the Tryavna woodcarving school and work of pop Koyu Vitanov. The icons are also Tryavna masters.

 Church "Sveti Georgi"


The church was built in the period from 1848 to 1852 under the direction of master Dimitar Sergyuv. The iconostasis and the icons were painted by masters of the Tryavna art school. The church was built with the energetic support and blessing of the spiritual leader of Tryavna - Pop Yovcho.