Tourist route Triavna - Bojentzi

2.1 First option: Trуavna - Cherni Vrah

Tryavna (Clock Tower) - Zelenyka village- Velentsi vilage - Peak Black Peak

Green marked duration - 2:00h, the highest point - 779 meters above sea level

Light and pleasant route, suitable for all ages. It passes through the Balkan villages. At the end of a steep hill peak. Black Peak reveals remarkable views of the ridge of Stara Planina.

2.2 Second option: Tryavna -  Bojentsi vilage.

Tryavna (Clock Tower) - Hotel "Brashlyana" - to the west along the ridge -  Bojentsi vilage.

Blue marking Duration 2 hours, highest point - 732 meters above sea level

A great family outing in deciduous forest, hills and meadows at the foot of the mountain.

2.3 Third option: Tryavna -  Bojentsi vilage.

Tryavna (Clock Tower) - Hotel "Brashlyana" - cave Zmeeva dupka -  Genchevtsi vilage - m. Propastite-  Bojentsi vilage.

yellow marking time - 2 hours, highest point - 638 meters above sea level

Light and refreshing stroll through the picturesque forests and meadows.

 Tourist route of the railway stop Buzovets

Tourist route 1: From Train stop Buzovets tops in Small and Large Chukar peak Buzovets and locality Wall

Green field

Duration: 30 minutes

The outward walking along picturesque old dirt road surrounding peaks Small and Large chukar, peak Buzovets north. Thence due west, it ends near the wall - a true natural phenomenon, which reveals all the beauty of Trevnenska Stara Planina. Peak Buzovets has built a large shelter with fireplace and tops Small and Large chukar are benches with a table and a small shelter for rest. The return is in the very tops in refined trail in the woods.

Tourist route 2: by train Buzovets station in "St.. Sofia, Faith, Hope and Love, "" St.. Ivan Rilski ", the" King's well "railway Krastets.

Green field

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

By stop the steep path leads to the chapel "St. Sofia, Faith, Hope and Love. " Around it also built a large shelter with a fireplace and a playground.

In beech forest leads to the chapel "St. Ivan Rilski "peak Krastets shelter" Royal well. " All places with scenic views are built benches with tables for recreation.