Sports venues and facilities are located in the city. Triavna city. Plachkovtsi.

In Tryavna town are built in the district. "Svetushka" playground for volleyball with artificial grass, multifunctional playground for handball, mini football and basketball with artificial turf, dressing room for 2 teams with bathroom and area lighting.

Sports club "Angel Kanchev" stadion.
Includes: two football fields (training and officially) with grass, administrative service building, track and grandstands for spectators (3,000 seats), lighting system and automated irrigation systems, sports hall for wrestling and karate training football field with artificial grass, handball field with synthetic multipurpose flooring combined volleyball and basketball, sectors for shot-put, long jump and sector discus throw, changing rooms and recreation center, tennis court. There are 3 parking lot with 30 parking spaces for buses and cars.

In the town of Plachkovtsi there is a stadium with natural grass and 200 seats, changing rooms with complete equipment, automatic irrigation system, tennis court with synthetic turf, multi-purpose court for basketball, volleyball and handball. Constructed area lighting and boardwalk access to sports facilities with parking spaces.

Outdoor swimming pools

During the summer season Triavna -- Plachkovtsi are open 2 outdoor swimming pool with changing rooms, bathrooms and equipment cleaning and decontamination of water.